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Posted by on 25 Apr 2018 | 0 comments

Astral Projection with Alison Wylie

Your Inner Guide

Today, for inspiration for this article, I grabbed a book from my shelves and headed off to the bar for a cappuccino. I love spending time in Italian bars with a book, tablet, or pen and paper, sometimes all three. My favourite is near home, a family run business where people discuss their joys, their problems, health issues and generally ‘put the world to rights’. A real down to earth place where the subject of astral projection is far far away.

The book I took was Jurgen Ziewe’sMultidimensional Man‘ I love this book and the second one, ‘Vistas of Infinity‘, they both come highly recommended.

Multidimensional man is described as:

 “An authentic eyewitness account of the world that awaits us after death.”

It is a book I can relate to as many of the experiences described are similar to my own. When looking for inspiration I let a book fall open at a page and then let the inspiration flow, it fell open almost at the end and a phrase jumped out at me:

“Your teacher is within you.”

The subject of astral projection or and out-of-body experiences is slowly becoming more and more popular, with some people seeking quick and easy ways to experience it. However, I believe that this ‘quick fix’ misses the point. At least for me astral projection is part of a process and the work you do before you have your first conscious experience is as important as the first exit. We all have a teacher within and connecting with this inner guide will help you enormously in your astral travels. This connection will give you more confidence and trust in yourself in dealing with whatever situations may occur, it will give you strength and courage because you have a guide you can rely on and who is always present.

Guides in the astral, as far as my experiences have shown me, are indeed always available but not always visible and because by nature we tend to look externally for confirmation we start to doubt if we don’t see evidence. I have met many wonderful guides, but I tend to believe that most of these were parts of ‘me’ made visible.

In the astral the chances are that sooner or later you will have what I call more intense experiences, I use the word ‘intense’ to describe out-of-body experiences or astral projections that may cause negative emotions, fear for example. Having a strong connection to your inner teacher/guide will give you the strength and confidence to deal with whatever happens to you in the best possible way. So how can you start to connect? There is a part of us all that is eternal, a part that never changes from infancy through to old age. It is like having an observer inside who simply takes in all that happens but does not react. The first step towards connection with your inner guide is to recognise this silent observer within, step back out of your earthly identity, step back out of your emotions and just be there observing. You can do this at any time during the day and during meditation. It is a good skill to develop as it can help you in all areas of your life if things get rough and you find yourself becoming too emotional. This is also a useful skill to have in the astral if you start to feel fear at any time, when you step back you are centring yourself in who you truly are and out of your physical identity with all its hang ups.

Your inner guide works through intuition, so we must learn to trust ourselves, if we don’t feel that something is right for us then we must listen to that guidance. Often in the astral you will just know things, you may even automatically do things without really understanding why, this is because we are so much more than the physical identity we find ourselves in on Earth, we go much further and are so much bigger. This is what we must connect to, this is what guides us, the bigger version of who we are, our higher self.

When thinking about which paths to follow or examining the meaning of an astral projection/out-of-body experience, others can make suggestions, they can offer advice but the only person who truly knows is you, so be prepared to make your own decisions, don’t put your spiritual life in the hands of someone else. It is good to be a part of a group of like-minded people with whom to discuss our experiences, suggestions from people can help us to understand ourselves better but the only person who can truly decide is you.

I’ll leave you with a quote:

 “A true teacher would never tell you what to do. But he would give you the knowledge with which you could decide what would be best for you to do.”  Christopher Pike, Sati

Happy travels, Ali.

Alison Wylie

Alison Wylie

My name is Alison Wylie. I am English but I live in Italy, I often use the name Ali Wings, 'ali' in Italian means 'wings' so rather appropriate considering how I love to fly at night in my dreams and out-of-body experiences.
Around the year 2000 I had my first out-of-body experience, it was the first of thousands, and the beginning of an incredible journey into self. Taking the inner path is not always easy and I had a lot of intense experiences confronting many parts of myself which I never imagined existed.
Through my out-of-body experiences I have experienced how we are so much more than we could ever conceive with our human brains. I have understood on a very deep level how everything and everyone is connected and now I wish to help people connect to who they truly are.
I have met people on the other side who have died full of regrets for not having lived fully while on Earth, for not having given all of themselves but instead getting lost in the drama and 'busyness' of physical life. I wish to help people balance their lives and really start to live, to live life consciously. I am a podcaster and run three podcasts, the Astral Projection Podcast, the Connecting the Bits Podcast plus an Italian podcast named Mente Corpo Spirito such is my desire to reach the world with my message.
I am an Author, Teacher, Astral Projection Coach, Reiki Practioner Level 2 and Spiritual Advisor helping people to become their own hero and live life consciously.

Alison Wylie

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