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Posted by on 18 Apr 2018 | 4 comments

Astral Projection with Alison Wylie

Winks from the Universe

I have always been quite an intuitive person, however I found that once I had been astral projecting for a while my intuition became more acute and I started experiencing a lot more synchronicity. It seems that this is a benefit of practising this skill and a very welcome one. I love synchronicity, it is like having a wink and a smile from the universe.

Just the other day I was on my daily walk sometimes I stop and do a quick podcast episode for my mind body spirit in sync podcast, it was a beautiful day and I was looking over the hills, imagining myself flying over them, I do this as part of my astral projection programming, as a result I often find myself flying over similar places in the astral. I spoke about how we sometimes get bogged down by our lives and the problems we have and that going to a place that is high up and looking beyond the hills to what’s behind can help us see beyond our own lives and see the bigger picture. The following day I took a book with me on my walk, ‘The Book of Joy’ by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams. I stopped to say a few words for my podcast and opened the book randomly, I read the following words.

“The Dalai Lama used the words wider perspective and larger perspective. They involve stepping back, within our own mind, to look at the bigger picture and to move beyond our limited self-awareness and our limited self-interest.”

It is little synchronicities like this that start to happen more often once we start to open our minds to the universe and expand our consciousness as happens when you begin astral projecting. Or maybe it is the case that we notice them more as we become more aware. This incident also reminded me of an experience I had once, there was a group of people and a situation, I didn’t know what the situation was only that it was exactly the same for everyone, though each person in the group reacted differently. In turn I was taken to each person in the group and I experienced the situation from their point of view. Each one reacted differently depending on character, upbringing, life experiences etc. The situation was neutral, but it made one person angry, another sad, another happy, another indifferent, etc. As the Dalai Lama explained in the book, “We must look at any given situation or problem from the front and from the back, from the sides, and from the top and the bottom, so from at least six different angles.”

As I continued my OBEs I also discovered the veil between here and the beyond is indeed very thin, often I would be working on an ‘astral rescue’ and I would get a lot of bleed over from the astral to the physical. An ‘astral rescue’ is also called retrieval, it is when people go to the lower astral realms to help out people who have died but are stuck in their earthly dramas, or don’t even realise they have died, these people need help moving on. Many people do this work, they are unsung heroes of our earth I salute them all, it is not an easy job. I tend to do less retrievals┬áthan I used to, who knows why, however the ones I used to do always seemed a bit complicated. It was never a case of a quick ‘Ok you’re ready come with me,’ but a series of experiences over a period of time where I would be working on the situation awake and asleep, I had to be careful to remain balanced in my physical life and not let the emotional side takeover.

I would start to experience synchronicities in my physical life relating to the situation I was working on in the astral in order to help me understand better what I was dealing with and what I had to do. It was all rather incredible and I realised, as I mentioned before, the veil between the physical and the astral is very thin; that really there is no separation, just the illusion of separation.

Practising astral projection opens your mind, it expands your consciousness so be prepared to be ‘wowed’ or maybe even shocked, depending on your present worldview. Prepare for the weird and wonderful but also for situations where you can be of help to the suffering. From the physical to the beyond, from the beyond to the physical, there is no true separation, synchronicities abound and cross over from the beyond and back again; a wink and a smile from the universe.

Happy Travels,



Alison Wylie

Alison Wylie

My name is Alison Wylie. I am English but I live in Italy, I often use the name Ali Wings, 'ali' in Italian means 'wings' so rather appropriate considering how I love to fly at night in my dreams and out-of-body experiences.
Around the year 2000 I had my first out-of-body experience, it was the first of thousands, and the beginning of an incredible journey into self. Taking the inner path is not always easy and I had a lot of intense experiences confronting many parts of myself which I never imagined existed.
Through my out-of-body experiences I have experienced how we are so much more than we could ever conceive with our human brains. I have understood on a very deep level how everything and everyone is connected and now I wish to help people connect to who they truly are.
I have met people on the other side who have died full of regrets for not having lived fully while on Earth, for not having given all of themselves but instead getting lost in the drama and 'busyness' of physical life. I wish to help people balance their lives and really start to live, to live life consciously. I am a podcaster and run three podcasts, the Astral Projection Podcast, the Connecting the Bits Podcast plus an Italian podcast named Mente Corpo Spirito such is my desire to reach the world with my message.
I am an Author, Teacher, Astral Projection Coach, Reiki Practioner Level 2 and Spiritual Advisor helping people to become their own hero and live life consciously.

Alison Wylie

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  1. Your words are always sweet and lyrical!

  2. Maybe I’m reading into this, but it seems that some of the astral rescues have taken place over more than one OBE. Am I reading that correctly? If so, would you be able to elaborate?

    Thank You!

  3. Yes that’s correct some were rather more difficult and I had to work on the situation over a period of time, I would get dreams as well about what was going on in order to help me understand the person’s problem and how to get through to them. Sometimes I would receive messages in the physical to in the form of a song on the radio or an overheard conversation etc.

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