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Posted by on 14 Mar 2018 | 2 comments

Astral Projection with Alison Wylie

An Important Aspect of the OBE Process

Although this column is about astral projection and out-of-body experiences, I do consider dreamwork to be an integral part of the astral projection process, particularly because you can use your dreams as a springboard to the astral. For this reason, I always recommend recording in some way what happens during the night. You can physically write down the dreams/experiences you may have, type them up on your computer/tablet or you can voice record them. There are many apps that you can adapt to serve as a dream/OBE Journal, where you can also tag your entries for easy reference.

Writing down anything that comes to you when you wake up in the morning is a great habit to get into, recording in some way what you experience as soon as possible will increase the possibility of remembering more details. It can also increase the occurrence of OBEs as writing them down means you are focusing more on them.

Dreams are of no less importance than conscious experiences in the astral and you can get a lot of interaction between the two. I have had many experiences that started off as dreams, it was as if the dreams were telling me what I needed to know in order to complete some astral mission. When you write down everything that happens during the night you may start to see patterns occurring, this is important as they may be showing you something you need to be working on in the astral.

It’s not always easy to become accustomed to recording things as soon as you wake, personally I like reading as it gives me time to get my head into gear but it’s not the best thing to do first if I want to remember as much as possible from my dreams and OBEs. I have to admit sometimes I say to myself ‘oh I’ll write it down later’ but when I get round to it the major part of the experience has disappeared from my immediate memory, ‘if only I had written down a few key words’ I say to myself.

Recording keywords helps a great deal in remembering the whole event whether it is a dream or astral projection/OBE, so it is worthwhile to do this when you wake up in the middle of the night and don’t feel like writing down the whole thing. The keywords will jog your memory in the morning, you can also do sketches to help with recall.

It’s the habit thing which is important and will lead to consistency, we are so good at acquiring bad habits sometimes good ones can take a little longer to acquire, I wonder why? I am accustomed to going for a cappuccino every morning it was an easy habit to acquire, waking up and writing down dreams and OBEs proved a little more difficult, often I just write keywords and write it all down over my coffee when I am more awake. It’s not ideal but depending on the length of experiences I sometimes need to dedicate more time than I have upon waking.

Waking up ten or fifteen minutes earlier is a solution, but whatever method you use, recording in some way our experiences is essential to understanding fully our OBEs, if you don’t remember a dream or OBE you can’t reflect on its content, discover meanings etc. Astral experiences are often similar to dreams in the way that your guides or higher self may use symbolism to get a message across, you may find yourself in a learning situation; when you receive guidance in the astral the words aren’t written across the sky in red ink, more often than not you get what seems to be cryptic messages, images and symbols, all need to be unravelled for us to understand with our physical brains. However, there is always that part of us that instinctively comprehends and it may happen that you cannot even put an experience into words yet you understand it. We are dealing with the metaphysical here and it can be difficult to explain with the tools we have at our disposition here on Earth.

In conclusion, my advice is to make a real effort to make recording your experiences a habit, if you do it for long enough it will naturally become a part of your morning routine.

Happy Travels!

Alison Wylie

Alison Wylie

My name is Alison Wylie. I am English but I live in Italy, I often use the name Ali Wings, 'ali' in Italian means 'wings' so rather appropriate considering how I love to fly at night in my dreams and out-of-body experiences.
Around the year 2000 I had my first out-of-body experience, it was the first of thousands, and the beginning of an incredible journey into self. Taking the inner path is not always easy and I had a lot of intense experiences confronting many parts of myself which I never imagined existed.
Through my out-of-body experiences I have experienced how we are so much more than we could ever conceive with our human brains. I have understood on a very deep level how everything and everyone is connected and now I wish to help people connect to who they truly are.
I have met people on the other side who have died full of regrets for not having lived fully while on Earth, for not having given all of themselves but instead getting lost in the drama and 'busyness' of physical life. I wish to help people balance their lives and really start to live, to live life consciously. I am a podcaster and run three podcasts, the Astral Projection Podcast, the Connecting the Bits Podcast plus an Italian podcast named Mente Corpo Spirito such is my desire to reach the world with my message.
I am an Author, Teacher, Astral Projection Coach, Reiki Practioner Level 2 and Spiritual Advisor helping people to become their own hero and live life consciously.

Alison Wylie

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  1. Hello i have a question:
    Is there a Difference between using DMT for a OBE when you are well prepaired or if you can do it yourself in the expierence itself or is it up to the one who want to make this OBE and the Way doesn”t matter?

    • I have never used DMT so I’m really not qualified to comment, however personally I would steer clear of using aids like this as I like to get there under my own steam so to speak.

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