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Posted by on 11 Apr 2018 | 2 comments

Astral Projection with Ali Wylie

Astral Cities

You may encounter many things while travelling the astral planes, something that fascinated me when I started to visit them were astral cities. At first, I thought that maybe they were simply my creation as I couldn’t understand why people would want to carry on an existence similar to the physical once they were dead. However, after investigation and listening to the accounts of others I realised that these cities really do exist in the astral.

I have visited many different types of astral cities, some rather dark and dreary, others beautiful beyond anything you could imagine with incredible architecture and a depth to them that is difficult to explain.

Another thing that struck me as curious was the fact that, more often than not in my own personal experiences, people in these places do not fly. One of the biggest pleasures in astral projection is the sensation of flight, it is wonderful to soar over high mountains covered with snow, or dive into deep green valleys and absorb the beauty, flying over the sea is one of my favourite ways of relaxing in the astral. However, often, once I have entered a city, I know instinctively that I must not attempt flight but must walk everywhere just like everyone else, it is as if it would disturb them in some way. In fact, on more than one occasion when I have flown people have become angry and tried to chase me out of their city. I found it difficult to understand why these people would not or even could not fly.

The answer to my question came in the form of a book called ‘The Astral City’ by the Spirit of Andr√© Luiz channelled by Francisco Candido Xavier, this book has now been made into a film called ‘Nosso Lar’ which means ‘Our Home’. It is about a doctor’s journey of self-discovery and transformation after his death. Yes, spiritual growth continues when we die we aren’t immediately enlightened, our journey goes on:

“The closing of our earthly eyes is such a simple event. The shedding of the physical body does not solve the fundamental problems of enlightenment, just as changing ones clothes has nothing to do with the deep questions of life and destiny.”

Andre Luiz via Chico Xavier, The Astral City


A lot of the story takes place in an astral city and most people there cannot fly, for those beings who can fly it is not considered right to do it among people who can’t. The reason for inability to take flight is due to the weight the people carry:

“We must bear in mind that free birds may rise to great heights; those encircled in dense thickets of reeds will find great difficulty in taking flight.”¬†The Astral City

So after all, maybe it is as Peter Pan suggested “Just think of happy thoughts and you’ll fly.” People who are weighed down in the astral with their own struggles, heavy belief systems etc are too heavy emotionally, they carry too much baggage so to speak. I have had experiences in the astral where I am trying to teach people to fly and I use the Peter Pan suggestion with them and literally tell them to lighten up.

In a recent experience I was in an astral city, I was with some children and I was trying to teach them to fly, however once the adults in the town found out what I was doing they became angry and stopped me. I think I had be sent to this particular place to help out some children who were ready to move on out of this town as it was holding them back.

It is truly amazing just how many astral cities exist in the astral, when we die we go to the place that matches our vibration, it is certainly more complex than various religions have led us to believe, there are also cities that are based around different religions. In one of William Buhlman’s experiences, (an author and teacher of out-of-body experiences), he describes how he flew into an astral church and ended up being chased out again accused of being the devil.

At times describing events, places and beings that we meet in the astral sounds like a fantasy film and people who talk about these experiences are often ridiculed, I have myself been the butt of many jokes. However, experience is experience and you can’t deny what has happened to you, people may laugh that’s fine it’s good to laugh and it’s very healthy.

I recommend reading ‘The Astral City’, you can find it as a pdf on internet and on Amazon, I’ll leave you with a quote from the book:

“The great river follows its own course before joining the vast sea. Likewise, the soul follows equally varied routes and passes through different stages, receiving here and there tributaries of knowledge, strengthening its personality and perfecting its qualities before reaching the Ocean of Eternal Wisdom.”

Andre Luiz via Chico Xavier, The Astral City

Happy Travels,


Alison Wylie

Alison Wylie

My name is Alison Wylie. I am English but I live in Italy, I often use the name Ali Wings, 'ali' in Italian means 'wings' so rather appropriate considering how I love to fly at night in my dreams and out-of-body experiences.
Around the year 2000 I had my first out-of-body experience, it was the first of thousands, and the beginning of an incredible journey into self. Taking the inner path is not always easy and I had a lot of intense experiences confronting many parts of myself which I never imagined existed.
Through my out-of-body experiences I have experienced how we are so much more than we could ever conceive with our human brains. I have understood on a very deep level how everything and everyone is connected and now I wish to help people connect to who they truly are.
I have met people on the other side who have died full of regrets for not having lived fully while on Earth, for not having given all of themselves but instead getting lost in the drama and 'busyness' of physical life. I wish to help people balance their lives and really start to live, to live life consciously. I am a podcaster and run three podcasts, the Astral Projection Podcast, the Connecting the Bits Podcast plus an Italian podcast named Mente Corpo Spirito such is my desire to reach the world with my message.
I am an Author, Teacher, Astral Projection Coach, Reiki Practioner Level 2 and Spiritual Advisor helping people to become their own hero and live life consciously.

Alison Wylie

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  1. I loved your text. Our Home is a famous book here in Brazil, really a best seller.

    Sometimes, before of an Astral cities we find “colonial places”, where some people are prepared to get in the City.

    My father, when passed on, he goes to a Cologne because he don’t accept his death… He cames to our house and wanted to stay here with us… So I went out of my body and asked to my guides (we call him amparadores, I think the best translation would be Helpers or guides… ) to help and guide him to the spiritual world… Well, was some months to him got it his situation, but after he went to a Cologne and run on his journey.

  2. Thank you for your comment I too loved Our Home. I have found that many people don’t accept their deaths or even don’t realise they have died. I believe our society is lacking a kind of death education, we are so tied up with our lives we find it difficult to let go and we just don’t know how to deal with our own deaths.

    Thanks again for your comment.

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