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Posted by on 1 May 2014 | 0 comments

Angel Artist – Lynn Avis


I see the art that I create as a further extension of the healing energy work I practice.

As an Angel therapist and Reiki master healer I connect with unseen realms of energy and consciousness. So if I was to define my work I would say the paintings are snap shots of those usually unseen realms, captured into physical form onto a canvas.

To create my art I first meditate, this allows me to be a channel for angelic or Universal energy. If I’m commissioned to create a piece for a specific individual I will mediate and ask to be connected with that person’s angelic energy. I truly believe that we all have an angelic aspect; some call it your higher self.

Once I feel the connection I then begin to see the colours rays, also I may be shown a significant symbol to incorporate into the painting. I always ask the angels for an intention to be set for the person; I will then be given the most relevant aspect i.e. healing, inspiration, connection, self-love.
When the painting is completed I then conduct an Angelic blessing ceremony. I infuse the piece of art with sound, incense, sacred Reiki healing symbols and prayers. It always makes my heart sing when a client receives their painting and confirm that they feel the angels loving energy radiating from it. My paintings are inspired by the Angels unconditional love for us and I endeavour to create them with that same amount of love.

I actually feel creating my work is like the process of giving birth!

This means I feel energetically connected to the angels in the paintings even when they have been united with their human hosts. I just love them so much I continue to nurture them with after care! So in my daily meditation practise I energetically connect with each of the pieces I have created then set the intention to channel a flow of Unconditional angelic light and love to each one again.

My paintings are created with the medium of acrylic paint on canvas, I love this working with this medium and feel it lends it’s self really well for my paintings, there is such a wonderful range of beautiful metallic shades and sparkly glitter paints to choose from. As angelic energy is all about ‘light’ I feel this has to be reflected in my pieces, so they always have lots of sparkle!
I have always considered myself to be a creative person. As a small child I was never happier than when I was drawing painting or colouring. I had a serious love affair with felt tip pens and crayons at a very young age lol !  However through my time at school I was made to feel ‘art’ as in painting was not something I was really good at. Sadly I didn’t feel encourage to pursue it. I did however continue to be creative but with my other passion of making things. ! I feel this is maybe quite a common experience for people of my generation and the old fashioned limiting teaching methods that were in place 40 years ago.

It has only been in recent years after doing lots of inner work and letting go of self-doubt that I have been able to sit comfortably with calling myself an artist.

It does still feel a little surreal to describe myself as such and something I continue to work on, I’m not a great lover of labels as I feel they can themselves be very limiting. But I understand they also define how others perceive us. I see my talent as a huge gift and blessing from God and the Angels and that I was given this gift for a reason. In fact a response I received recently  from a client in France after her Angel arrived shifted my limiting thoughts completely…
“Lynn I received my beautiful Angel today, I love her and will treasure her forever, thank you”
After that I thought how could I NOT do this work?

Creating my art makes my soul happy! I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given this gift. That I can now turn my inner world connection to the Angelic realm into a beautiful piece of energetically charged artwork is such an amazing feeling.
I can’t think of a better job than one that helps people feel angelic love every day when they look their painting.

I am not a person who likes routine, I’m naturally very spontaneous and love variety, so as such I have no structure or set time to creating my artwork. I like it to be very much when I feel inspired and connected to my creativity and for it not to be forced. Obviously I do have a time scale in which to deliver my pieces to clients, so I allow myself the gift of time to create them in a manner which is comfortable for me and my clients.

If people visit my website they can see some of my previous commissioned work:




Lynn ~Avis Is based in the UK and is a gifted intuitive/ psychic, with strong clairaudient & clairsentient abilities.
A much sort after Angel Soul Reader. A Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Healer. And an Internationally selling, divinely inspired artist of channelled abstract Angelic Art.
Her passion in life is coaching people and helping them to re-establish and strengthen their own connection to the angelic realm. She enjoys gently guiding others to self-love, getting them to once again recognise and fall in love with their own angelic, divine self.
Over the years she has worked with a truly diverse clientele ……… from CEO’s of major International companies, entrepreneurs, to fellow psychics and healers, children and animals.
By combing her intuitive gifts, positive, down to earth, compassionate and non-judgemental personality with the unconditional loving grace of the Angels she can deliver incredibly accurate, positive guidance, aimed at helping people live their happiest, best life possible.

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