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Akashic What Now? How to Access Your Soul’s Library

akashic“The Book of Life”.  Most of us have heard that expression and have a general idea of what it refers to.  However, if you dig a little deeper, you come to find out that this so-called “book” is really a reference to the Akashic Records.

So, what are the Akashic Records, how do they affect us….and more importantly, why do we care about them?  Well, to state it simply, the Akashic Records are an energetic record of every thought and action, including the Soul’s intent.  This Record begins the moment you are created from Divine Source, and by now, holds an immense amount of Soul-level information about you.

The Akashic Records are everywhere!  They are located in the 5th dimension, and we as humans cannot physically see them.  However, many people choose to picture the Akashic Records as a massive spiritual library, with each book holding information about each life a Soul has lived.  Things are “written” into our “Book of Life” based on energy.  Remember, everything is energy.  You, your pets, your home, your properties….even businesses have an energy.  Energy has a vibration, and this energy vibration is what is captured in the Records.  So, is it a real “library” with books?  No.  But since we live in the physical world, it’s very hard for our minds to grasp things being recorded in energy.  My advice is to picture it any way that makes you feel comfortable.  There are no rules.

akashic3When we enter the Records, we can gain great knowledge about who we are at Soul level.  While we are incarnated, we can fool ourselves into thinking certain things or acting certain ways, but the Records do not lie.  They hold the most valuable information about who you are at the deepest level of your being, what your Soul has been through, how it has evolved from the lessons it’s learned throughout each lifetime, and even what it does while not incarnated.

The Records have become a more widely used and accepted resource for people to utilize who are truly striving to become who they are “meant to be” and to fulfill their path and purpose.  Most people don’t have a clue as to who they are as Soul-level.  This leaves them feeling a bit lost, not sure of their direction, not sure if they are in the right career, etc.  Others feel as though they are just pushing and pushing to move forward in life, only to find they are still feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, regretful, and as though they’ve made no progress at all.  Some wonder if their life even makes a difference.  I’m here to tell you we ALL are here for a purpose and we ALL matter!  Sometimes we just need to gain the clarity to see the path….to lift that fog that has tricked us into going the wrong direction because we couldn’t see the right one.  The Akashic Records can help us do that.

As a practitioner, when I go into the Records for a client I gather all sorts of Soul-level information for them.  Things such as where you Soul chose to originate (this is a defining characteristic about you), its primary energy center (Archangelic Realm of training), some of the times in history and religions that really impacted your Soul’s growth, what your Soul does in between incarnations, information about your inner Spirit Guide team and even your Soul’s chosen primary life lesson.  This information will offer great insight as to what your true talents and gifts are, and even what your challenges might be.

akashic2I then start looking at the blocks and restrictions the Akashic Record Guides feel are important for me to discuss with them.  Throughout a Soul’s existence some choices have been made that were not true to its Divine Authenticity.  We all have done it.  You know when you make a big decision and it just doesn’t “feel right”….but you choose to do it anyway?  Well, that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach is your higher-self trying to tell you that the choice you’re making is not in alignment with who you truly are.  Now, I’m not talking about the small stuff like choosing a donut over a carrot stick when you’re trying to lose weight…although you probably won’t be happy with yourself later!  HA!  But, more like the big stuff….the choices we make that affect your life’s direction or might even hurt someone else.  When we make choices like that, we can create blocks and restrictions in our record that energetically affect us, and will continue to affect us throughout lifetimes ahead.

Don’t worry!  A lesson learned, a life experience, and certainly a complete lifetime is never cleared.  Rather, the actual energetic negative block/restriction that is still affecting someone today, without being in their highest good, is cleared.  Most of the time, there is no reason for these negative ramifications to still be showing up on our lives today.  These are the result of choices made in prior lives that were not in alignment with our Divine Path and Purpose.  But they do show up…and some of them show up in a big way!  These are the negative feelings we struggle with, such as doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, dependence…and the list goes on.  The situations we feel we’ve run into a million times, but are not sure why we can’t get past them.  For example, we’ve all heard of karma.  Well, karma is one of those things in the Records I take a look at as well.  Karma that is still serving a purpose cannot be cleared.  However, negative unjustified karma, meaning it is no longer serving them but still causing negativity in their life, is definitely something that needs to go.

When a clearing is complete, people start to feel lighter (the weight has been lifted!), more clear, happier, more at peace with their life and direction, they sleep better, and are just more energetically in tune with their higher self and Divine Source.  The fog is finally lifting!  Why hadn’t they seen those options and paths before?  Those core blocks/restrictions did their job well by hiding and disguising them.  But now they have come into plain site and are available!  I get testimonials from people all the time sharing that they cannot believe the shift they’ve had in their lives once a clearing has been done.  I especially love to hear how much it has helped people’s children!  People liken these clearings to getting a new start in life, and that’s all because their available choices and paths are now obtainable.

As you can see, the Records hold enormous amounts of information about us and for us to use.  The things I’ve named above are just the tip of the iceberg.  When you think of how we can use this type of information to help us reach our fullest potential, the possibilities are endless….and very exciting!

For more information or to contact me, feel free to visit my website or e-mail me directly.  I would love to hear from you!  As a special gift for the Inspire World Magazine readers, when booking a reading/clearing, please mention this article and you will receive a FREE property reading worth $185 USD.


Love & Light,

mindeeMindee Beaver

Mindee Beaver

Mindee Beaver

Mindee is, first and foremost, a mother and a wife.  She is married to a wonderful husband, Jon, and they have a son and daughter, both in elementary school.  Mindee is very active at her children's school and spends a lot of time there assisting students and staff.

Mindee’s career actually started off working in the insurance industry and specializing in oil, gas, marine, and aerospace coverages.  Eventually, she left corporate America when her first child was born, in order to play the role of full-time mom. 

Mindee always knew there was more to life than a corporate 9-5 job.  She loved to help people and wanted to make a difference in their lives and this world through her work.  This desire led her to begin a life coaching business.  The more she learned about the spiritual side of life coaching, the more interested and excited she became, and this led to her discovering the Akashic Records.  Mindee was amazed at how much information and insight could be gained from an Akashic Record reading and how the clearings provided amazing results for her clients. People were sleeping better, anger and stress were lessened, new insight into someone’s own information and a partner’s has helped relationships strengthen and people overcome what they felt were insurmountable differences…and the list goes on. 

Mindee discovered how powerful the Akashic Records were when she did a reading and clearing on her own children.  Her daughter went from not raising her hand in class to being the mascot on stage dancing by herself at a school assembly! Her son is learning to handle symptoms of ADD using EFT to help him stay focus and alert. She kept seeing these little "miracles" occur in her children through the use of clearings and energy psychology techniques. Her passion and purpose finally became very clear, and Mindee has now embraced working with and for children.  Her passion is to help as many children as she can learn energy techniques (such as EFT), release negative energy and past life “baggage” so they can step out in this life with less anxiety, and more self-confidence and love, and become the shining star they are meant to be.  Everyone is here for a purpose, and Mindee is passionate about making sure each child can reach their potential.

Along her journey, Mindee has studied with and taken courses from many well-known masters in the Energy Healing and Akashic Record fields.  She truly enjoys learning new ways to help others via alternative and holistic methods. Mindee is currently working towards her doctoral degree in Metaphysical Sciences.  She is also working to produce a radio show called “The Practical and the Powerful” with her friend and colleague, Kristin Wnuk. Kristin is a known life coach, author, speaker and creator of “Action For Life Coaching” program.  Eventually Mindee and Kristin would like to create a camp for parents and their children where they can go through a reading/clearing process, learn energy techniques and also how to take actionable steps to help cope with everyday situations and overcome problems, stresses and fears.

Mindee Beaver

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