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Vision & Mission

Inspired World Magazine is a collation of inspirational articles, features, and media managed by Creative Genie ( The vision for Inspired World is fluid, with its only intention being to inspire people and provoke in them the notion that even more is possible – for their lives and for the world, promoting a new conscious way of living. Inspired World is an ever evolving and growing collaboration created by a community of inspirational and inspired people and co-ordinated by founder Lynda Louise Mangoro. It’s a paperless magazine website that started as a digital flipbook, and it’s completely free for all to read and share.

“I believe inspiration leads to personal inquiry and personal growth. I am constantly inspired by the world around me, and passionate about sharing that which inspires me with others. Social media made it possible to be connected to inspirational people and receive an abundance of inspiration every single day which has enriched my life beyond measure.

Being a compulsive creator, conceiving and birthing Inspired World Magazine is a natural expression of everything about which I am passionate. As a website developer, CEO of Creative Genie LTD, graphic designer, author and artist, a digital magazine is the perfect way to deliver that expression.

I am immensely grateful to all who have been a part of making Inspired World a reality, believing in my passion and sharing the vision even before I had something tangible to show. I certainly couldn’t have created it alone. I look forward to the magazine and the community it represents continuing to grow and evolve.

I am committed to using my gifts, skills, and abilities to inspire, encourage, and support others to connect to their true selves, rediscover their own truth, and create a deliberate, purposeful, and joyful life.

With Love
Lynda Louise Mangoro