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Posted by on 10 Mar 2018 | 0 comments

A Weekend of Celebrating Inspirational Women #InternationalWomen’sDay2018

‘Trigger in the Mirror’

by Lynn Avis

Mirror mirror reflection what are you showing?

Triggering a reaction in me, so I can find a knowing.  


Places deep inside me that have now long been suppressed. 

Unacknowledged, unseen, unheard, around me no one guessed. 

At the things my young self encountered, so many years ago,

Now brought to the surface by the clashing of our ego. 


You see I blame you, the reflection that I see.

When all along I’m looking at an unhealed part of me. 

So I shame you, I call you the reason for my pain, 

Not realising the gift that my souls about to gain.  


For now I see you clearly, this trigger that is me,

Is something that is beautiful,

When recognised will finally set me free. 


So I will cease to blame & shame you when inside I feel a rage.  

The time has come to realise I’m writing a new page,

 In my life’s story from self loathing to self love, 

You have shown up as a teacher sent with all God’s love. 


An angel in disguise bought to show me where my inner work lays. 

To bring me back to wholeness, peace and unity, 

So I can share with others the wisdom that I’ve gained. 


That there is no place to hide, from the beauty that’s inside each and every one of us, when we step away from pride.


Ego oh how you’ve fooled me time and time again,  

Blaming the triggers outside of me especially my men. 


Hurt, used and abused by so many who should have cared 

To take me to depths of despair, of the things I never shared. 


Nobody realising the suffering of the child who always smiled 

When deep down inside of her was innocence she’d lost, 

A childhood filled with anguish, anxiety & mistrust. 


Surely someone would notice her silent crys for love, 

Showing up in behaviour that people disapproved of. 


Looking for affection when feeling all alone,

When emptiness inside, was all that she had know. 


For as far back as she can remember, the abuse had tore her apart, 

Each time it bore another small hole in her heart. 


But now the time has come to find the power deep within,  

To come out victorious, a woman born to win! 


So trigger in the mirror life reflection, thank you for showing me my scars, 

For now I’ve taken my power back and I’m ready to soar amongst the stars. 


To show this world who I truly am the beauty that is free,

Realising now I may not have recognised her, if you hadn’t triggered me. 

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