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Posted by on 11 Mar 2018 | 0 comments

A Weekend of Celebrating Inspirational Women #InternationalWomen’sDay2018

Finding Love Again…

…an introduction by Maggie Kay

To celebrate Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, for me, there is no better woman who deserves honouring than my own mum, Moira Gibson.

Being my no.1 supporter, Mum is the first person I acknowledge in my book, Diving for Pearls, for all the love, encouragement and deep interest in my work, including my writing.

She has always been an inspiration to me – a leader, a do-er, a communicator – strong, loving, perceptive, giving, wise, dynamic and very capable. And to top it all, she is stylish and beautiful.

In the 1970s Mum taught me about ‘positive thinking’ and the power of the mind, which was a very new idea in those days, but remains central to my work as a life, business and spiritual coach.

As well as giving her all to a successful career and singing activities, Mum has always been dedicated to her family first and foremost and remains the hub of the clan.

Now, she and my step-dad Jim enjoy their late years together on a lovely small island off the west coast of Scotland.

In times gone by, Mum was widowed twice, nursing both men before they died. My own dad passed away when she was just 47 and then her second beloved husband when in her sixties.

However, a third lucky man – an old friend of many decades – was to win her hand. All three husbands adore/d her.

I once told my step-dad Jim, before I met my husband Pat, “I hope I find a man who adores me as much as y

ou adore my mum.” It was a moving moment for both of us.

(That conversation proved pivotal in my own journey to find love as the story of Diving for Pearls tells. You can read a chapter every Thursday in Inspired World Magazine and hear me read it aloud on Facebook Live video.)

For me, Mum is a model of love, strength and generosity. And I know I owe many of my qualities and gifts to inheriting hers – either by nature or nurture.


So when Mum offered to submit her poem, Contentment, to Inspired World Magazine, I suggested we do it together, with me writing this introduction.

Thank you, Mum, I treasure you more than words can say. Thank you for teaching me how to love well, endure loss, relish life and enjoy the same contentment as you.




by Moira Gibson


As I sit in my sitting room looking out my window

The waters of the Clyde flow past, sparkling as they do so.

What sense of peace I feel, a sense of calm contentment

The joy of being loved in a life without resentment

Yes I’ve had sadness in the past

But I’ve had loves that did last

Till God above said now it’s time

For my husband and my love

To be with him in heaven above

How did I cope? I’ll never know

Cos I was lost and feeling low

But with the love of family

I came through it finally

Then once again was blessed to know

The peace, contentment and inner glow

Of being loved and loving so

Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay

Maggie Kay is an inspirational coach and founder of Thrivecraft and the Thrivecraft Academy.

Known as the Inner Wisdom Coach and formerly an ordained Buddhist, Maggie specialises in meditation, mindfulness, law of attraction, metaphysics and spiritual intelligence for life, love and business.

As well as coaching one-to-one, she trains accredited Thrivecraft life coaches and meditation teachers and runs retreats and workshops for soulful entrepreneurs, coaches and well being professionals.

In 2016, with her son Jamie grown up, Maggie established Thrivecraft Home Hub, a riverside country retreat in Cornwall, UK, where she lives with her soul mate husband, Patrick.

Her new book – Diving for Pearls: A Wise Woman's Guide to Finding Love (O Books) – is a highly readable true love and spiritual adventure story laced with tips and teachings on meditation, Buddhism, inner wisdom and relationships relevant to all.

Maggie's vision for the future includes taking Thrivecraft worldwide via a new online academy; continuing to mentor coaches, well-being professionals and meditation teachers to grow and prosper their businesses; producing audios of her full range of guided meditations; and writing further books to inspire and support everyone to create rich, happy and fulfilling lives. 

Buy Diving for Pearls on Amazon.

Thrivecraft with Maggie  Kay

Wisdom.  Inspiration.  Self-belief.


Maggie Kay

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