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Posted by on 10 Mar 2018 | 0 comments

A Weekend of Celebrating Inspirational Women #InternationalWomen’sDay2018

by Rachel Upton

I am bleeding.

Too much information already? Better look away now…

I don’t come from a family which celebrated menstruation. They did not create ceremonies or rituals around it. It wasn’t shamed or viewed as dirty either. It was just something women did. No miracle. No wonderment. Just part of the flesh and blood deal. God made you. He knows what’s going on with you. And unless you are broken well… let’s leave it at that.

I don’t mind. It’s a private time for me to be with, and aware of, myself. I do not need to sing and dance about it. If I can go with the flow I will find stillness and wisdom. I will find a magic.

I’m happy with my blood. Its bright days and its dark days. I’m not afraid or alarmed by it. I’m not freaked out by it. How can I be freaked out by something that is a fundamental and integral part of who I am? Of who I am meant to be? I am body and soul after all. The fleshy, leaky, bloody, weepy parts are all part of the ‘soul on a material plane’ thing. My body does as it wishes and needs to do and I attend to it as best as I am able. I am most definitely not cursed.

The feminine spirit resides in the first instance in the womb. In a chalice if you like. In the absence of the chalice the spirit remains, in the place where the chalice was, strangely liberated but not sloshing about like spilt wine. Wandering homeless and agitated. It stays just were it was because, well, that’s where it lives. Womb. No womb.

We get freaked out. We become disassociated from ourselves. We wander homeless and dispossessed. We fall out of love with it. We push it aside. We forget we are soul and body. Not just body. We forget we are and always will be limitless and energetic. We are not broken. We are still juicy and creative. We are still fleshy and leaky and weepy. We are still sacred. Look up to the moon on a still dark night, breathe deep and feel it. Allow yourself to connect.

Below is a simple massage balm recipe to reconnect, honour and favour your Sacred Blessed and Feminine Self. Massage it liberally over your breasts, abdomen and lower abdomen. Include your buttocks, back and thighs. Go wild and do your whole self! … Just keep it out of your eyes and other sensitive places.


Moon Balm

12 gm Bees or Jojoba wax

83 gm Olive or Grapeseed oil

4 gm Shea Butter

10 drops Geranium essential oil

10 drops Lavender essential oil

5 drops Bergamot essential oil*

(*Do Not use Bergamot if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Substitute 5 drops of Blue Chamomile or use the lavender and geranium combination only)



Measure 5mls of your chosen oil into a small container.

Melt the remaining oil, wax and Shea Butter together in a double boiler or a stainless steel bowl over a saucepan of boiling water.  Please do not use a microwave oven.

When completely melted, remove the pan or bowl of melted wax, butter and oil and place on a heat proof surface.

Allow the balm to cool for 5 minutes whilst you add your essential oils to the 5mls of oil you set aside at the beginning.

Stir in the oil and essential oil mix into the balm. In cooler conditions the balm may begin to thicken and harden before you are ready. Very gently warm it again until it has softened and liquefied.

Pour into jars before it begins to harden and set aside in cool place to firm up. Once firm, cap and label.

Store in a cool dark place away from bright sunlight and strong smells

There are many vegetable oils you could choose from, all giving different textures to the balm as well as beneficial therapeutic effects. I have chosen two which are easily available but feel free to experiment. I have chosen Shea butter for its rich creamy texture but you may prefer coconut oil or cocoa butter. These will again change the texture of the balm but do enjoy experimenting.

Not for internal use.


Rachel Upton

Rachel Upton

Naturally intuitive, with a background in neuro-linguistic programming, metaphysics, holistic body work and women’s energy therapy. Rachel has a deep appreciation and understanding of the subtle intricacies which come together to form our being and a great advocate of the benefits of spending time in nature, grounding daily and enjoying the sensory delights of being here now.

Rachel facilitates private and group sessions in Surrey and West Sussex offering meditation, healing, spiritual development and intuitive coaching. She also produces the Sacred Circle Natural Incenses range of handmade oils, balms and loose incenses for ritual, meditation and therapeutic practices.


Rachel Upton

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