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The Seed by Bertrand Dory

acorns We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction and the Universal Laws, and how we can use these laws to create our lives. This Law is like the Law of Gravity and is definitive. But many of us, who have heard about this Law through material like “The Secret” have tried over and over to create the life we want, with mixed results.

Some desires did come, and some did not. In most cases, the ones that did not come, or resulted in something that did not last, were the ones we hoped the most for.

Also, at the same time, what we did not want came faster and with ease. Like the famous quote of the bible “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” When we fear or dread, we are in fact activating the Law of Attraction, with repeated thoughts, high emotions, a lot of repetition, and probably the most important ingredient: expectation! We expect these conditions to come to us, and they do come. I was, many times, in this situation, and I got what I feared the most.

So what is happening here?  According to the Law of Attraction, the main components to create what we want in life are intention and expectation. In other words, knowing what we desire, playing in our minds the reasons we want it and the good it will provide, and then expecting it will come to us.

The intention part of the process is usually quite easy: we have to define what we want. Having said that, how many times are you changing your desires? How many times, when things did not happen, are you watering them down? How many times are we changing desires, when we are close to success?

We do not do this with fears and dreads and this is why they do come so easily!
A thought expressed clearly, with high desire (or as Napoleon Hill would say: “burning desire”), and repeated with emotion, will come too, if we continue to desire it.

The second part is expectation, and this is when people are getting stuck in the process. We desire something and then we do not expect it to come. Our mind starts to tell us “I am not good enough”, “it is too difficult”, “I do not know how it will come”, or “it is too good to be true”. This can kill the desire. It’s like going fishing and expecting to catch nothing. The likelihood to return home empty handed is high.

For me, expectation means that it is already there. In other words, it is inevitable that what we desire will come in our lives. There is a certain amount of faith required as, even in the absence in the physical reality, we need to get used to having the thing we desire.

So how can we nurture expectation?

We do it easily with the simple things. We do this easily with what we fear. How can we make use of this to create what we truly want?

What I’ve learnt on my journey is that we cannot fake expectation. I know it’s a direct statement, but we all have been lured in thinking that we can. We grow into expectation by becoming who we want to become, or becoming this person that has what we desire. We start to manifest it as we expect it, as we are this person already. And this works with anything whether it is in the form of a relationship, financial, material or just our own presence in our world.

So how do we grow in this person? How do we grow in being in a mutually loving, respectful, nurturing and passionate relationship, when we do not know how it feels to be in one like this? How do we grow into being a homeowner of a bigger house, when we do not know how it feels? How can we expect this?

Here is a technique I am using. It is powerful and it mitigates the fears around becoming, around not becoming: the typical duality around the fear of success and or failure. The seed…

What is the seed? I would like that you use your imagination while you are reading this article, and imagine a seed. For the sake of this article, I will use an acorn because we all know what it looks like; we all know what an oak tree looks like. From the moment the acorn is in the ground, it is already an oak tree. It does not need to think about becoming an oak tree, it knows it will become this and only this. An acorn is small, and yet, will become this majestic tree.

It attracts to it all the nutrients, water, and everything it needs to become this tree. It does not need to strain to get it, it just gets it… and it will start to sprout and it will start to grow and become what it already is.

The same principle is true for anything. In fact, Nature gives us a good example: it does not take more effort to grow a flower or weed, to grow something to feed us or to poison us.

So we need to seed what we want, and we need to be clear about the seed we are putting in the ground and letting the seed become: changing it every 2 weeks will not create the outcome we are looking for.

Our job is then very easy: letting the seed grow, nurturing it and creating the environment where it can grow to become its best manifestation. The seed will do what it does best: attract to it all it needs, transform and mature and the blossom.

And this is called Faith!

We have no issue having Faith when we plant a seed in the garden. We know that it will come, we know that it will yield what we planted, we know we need to nurture it and we know it will take some time.

But when it comes to our lives (and it is the same for me at times, for what is truly important for me), we do not have this Faith. We are looking to make things happen, we are looking to attract (even force) the manifestations to come, and we do not understand that the seed, if in an environment well nurtured, will become what we planted. It will inevitably become.

If we keep this in mind, we only need to let the seed grow, and this means creating the ground so that it is fertile. It means weeding the soil by letting go of the past traumas, fears and beliefs, nurturing it with positivity, and with positive action.

As for the seed, it helps to gain the expertise of a seasoned gardener; it also helps to get the professional advice and guidance from people who have stepped in these paths before. Not only will this help you keep the perspective and understanding, it also will help you creating the perfect environment for your desire and seed… and the persistence and faith needed to see it become, to see you become!

Bertrand Dory

Bertrand Dory

Bertrand is the best seller author of “Conversations for your Soul”, an inspirational and transformational speaker, an international global inspirational radio host, a personal transformational and executive coach and founder of “Design your Dream Life”.

Bertrand is an expert and an authority in personal transformation, and is bringing his wisdom, his life experience and insights to helping people unleashing their true potential and embracing their authentic gifts. He has developed his unique approach that has benefited and inspired hundreds to recognize and embrace their inner power and transcend their fears and blocks in their lives. The results? Powerful and sustainable life changing transformations that are leading to freedom, fulfillment and a happier life.
Bertrand Dory

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