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Lucid Dreaming – Nick Barrett

Did you know that the average aged person sleeps about a third of their entire life? That’s approximately 25-30 years of being fast asleep! That seems quite substantial, wouldn’t you say?

Usually, the average person would not even remember their dreams nor pay attention to them, instead just logging-off for the night’s sleep ahead. They Un-plug then re-plug back into the early hours of the morning of what is called ‘physical reality’.

Ask yourself, “why would I want to be conscious just some of the time and not all of the time?”

Have you ever wondered, what you could accomplish if all those years asleep could have been spent more wisely?
The ancient teachings of Tibetan tradition demonstrate just how crucial this time asleep is and more importantly how to use the great power of dreams. Through these sacred teachings, only the select few were ever worthy of knowing such knowledge from their ancestors.

The Tibetans treat lucid dreaming on a deep and spiritual level. They understood that when the physical body dies the spirit continues to live on and transitions into the next realm of existence. Not only does lucid dreaming prepare the soul for the next world, it will enrich one’s physical life to a great degree of joy and fulfillment. I can certainly vouch for this during my own personal experiences with lucid dreaming! Thankfully today these sacred teachings have now spread to the west for all to experience and learn.

The basic definition of Lucid Dreaming is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming whilst simultaneously knowing that their physical body is asleep in bed. Within this powerful self-awareness, the dream reality we once knew now becomes even more exciting! In this state of pure realisation with infinite possibilities the imagination fully expresses itself and flourishes in the moment.

Lucid Dreaming is an empowering mind hack that anyone can self-master by simply driving more awareness to dreams and learning some basic techniques. It really isn’t difficult to achieve once the dedication and discipline is firmly set into place.

When we become fully aware in our dreams, we can then do a vast amount of incredible activities such as, fly to the moon, speak to a deceased relative, walk through walls, have a sexual encounter, meeting your spirit guide, learn an entirely new skill and eat a ton of chocolate cake and never get fat! These are just some of the things you can accomplish during your lucid adventures.

When we are lucid in our dreams, our senses are extremely heightened. Our psychic senses begin to open up and dormant parts of the brain are being activated. Intelligence and creativity increases drastically and a new approach to life enters the forefront.

Having the ability to consciously enter the dreamscape fully lucid makes speaking directly to your subconscious mind extremely accessible. When we are non-lucid, i.e. in a regular dream, the subconscious mind is generally the captain of the ship and we are a sailor taking orders! We tend to play out a series of elaborate storyboards of different expressions, from past memories, present thoughts, hopes, desires, concerns and unresolved fears.

You can certainly overcome any unresolved fears within your dream worlds if you are willing to make the effort in becoming lucid of course! By facing up to your fear head on and by sending the emotion of unconditional love you will gain certification that the fear was just an illusion all along.

What was once a seedling of deep routed fear has now been plucked and discarded from your psyche.

A few years ago when my lucid dreaming was in its adolescence, I stumbled upon something unexplainable within a dream. From that day forward I had no idea that my whole life was about to be changed for the better.

Every time I became lucid, I would feel compelled to question different dream characters and gain a deeper sense of who they were. In the back of my mind, I knew that something was waiting and had been discreetly beckoning me to discover its essence my entire life.

One ‘lucid’ day, I came across a very different type of character indeed! One that I seemed to have had the feeling of knowing but never actually met. I discovered my spirit guide named Clifftoft. He is such a loving and supportive spirit who wishes only good things for me. He supports me in times of need and in moments of struggle. I summon him regularly from a lucid state and poof, like a genie he appears!

Clifftoft and I have documented our magical experiences into a book entitled Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming. Inside you will also discover basic to advanced techniques for meeting your spirit guide as well as many lucid dreaming methods. This book welcomes all levels of dreaming skill. Even for the beginners out there! (Available in Paperback and Kindle – click here)

Access the Spirit Guide Within (Binaural Guided Meditation CD)

You can hear a sample of Nick’s CD playing in the background now!

Access the Spirit Guide Within is a highly effective meditation audio disc (narrated and designed by Nick Barrett) to bring you closer to your metaphysical spirit friend and from this acquiring a better life. It is designed into two sections, Dream & Wake.

Both guided meditations will increase your daily and nighttime awareness and will fuse together the sacred bond between you and your Spirit Guide in both realities. With the use of binaural technology and SGLD affirmations, will surely catapult your psychic/intuitive centers to the next level.

By playing the track entitled ‘Mystical Lucidity’, to be only used as you sleep at night, will set deep into your subconscious mind and facilitate the lucid awareness in your dreams even further. Having the ability to take control of one’s dream and becoming lucid within the dream state, gives you the perfect opportunity to self summon a Spirit Guide and become finally (metaphysically) acquainted!

UK Workshop Weekend June 14th-16th

In June 2013, I am hosting a two day intensive workshop in how to meet your Spirit Guide through the art of Lucid Dreaming. Click here to view details and book.

Nick Barrett is the author of eBooks, ‘Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming’ and the ‘Dreamscape series one’, along with being the blog author for the ‘Alwayz Lucid’ website and creator of fictitious cartoon character, ‘Dr. Lucid.’ Nick is also a trained Medical Qigong practitioner levels, 1-3.


Nick Barrett is the author of eBooks, 'Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming' and the 'Dreamscape series one', along with being the blog author for the 'Alwayz Lucid' website and creator of fictitious cartoon character, 'Dr. Lucid.' Nick is also a trained Medical Qigong practitioner levels, 1-3.

Some mysterious force always guided the author's journey from when he was a child, what that 'force' was exactly, he wasn't sure! He then made it his prime objective to find out the answers through his lucid dreams and thusly, located and sealed the bond with his spirit guide. He confides in his guide regularly, in times of need, to access higher states of awareness and to seek new ancient wisdom. Throughout all that he writes and what is shared, his guide is forever by his side advising him along the way.

Nick now dedicates his full time, in sharing with others to help raise global consciousness, and provides insight into the true nature in spiritual companionship and lucid dreaming. Nick is also working on a children's book project for 5-9 year olds, which is aimed towards bringing more awareness to the art of lucid dreaming for future generations to come.

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