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Posted by on 17 Jul 2014 | 0 comments

Into the Light – Art by Adele Doxey

“Into the Light” A shimmering watercolour by Adele Doxey


The dragonfly symbolises the power of light and is the essence of change.

From early days as a grub dwelling at the bottom of the pond with fellow grubs it suddenly effervesces its way up through the water towards the light and begins the transformation.

Once on top of the water it hangs out on the lily pads, symbols of infinite love. It breaks free from the cocoon that has held it for so long and sits in the sun soaking up the light. Allowing newly formed wings to dry out as it puts on its shimmering coat of beauty, ready to spread its wings and fly.

Dragonfly is said to bring messages of wisdom and enlightenment as well as communication from the elemental world.

Call on dragonfly medicine to help rid yourself of habits that no longer serve and to guide you through illusion into the light and transformation.

Adele Doxey

Adele Doxey

Adele Doxey: My art has been a lifelong passion, mission and learning. My earliest memories are of painting and drawing and my love of it came before I could walk, talk or do anything else!!  After many years of being in the artist’s closet I am at long last fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a professional artist.

I am absolutely passionate about watercolour and I paint life, animals and the beauty of nature from my home in the quirky, gorgeous Yorkshire town of Huddersfield and on my travels with my husband as we wend our way around the world together.

I work in very loose flowing watercolour and I enjoy working with the minimum of sketching, I paint Painting directly with vibrant colour and my aim is to capture the essence, spirit, and soul energy of a place or subject.

I have studied my craft extensively and have learned from great artist. I continue to be inspired by them , the beauty of the world and the medium of watercolour.

My paintings are now in private collections internationally.

Ways to contact me:


Etsy shop:   juicywatercolours

Facebook: Juicywatercolours

Adele Doxey

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