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Posted by on 27 Jun 2013 | 0 comments

Inspired Beauty & Skin Care July 2013

Inspired Beauty & Skincare with Linda Anousta


People are often confused about what their skin, and their bodies really need to look well and stay well. It’s no wonder!

LindaANoustaThe beauty and health industry are now worth billions and it is in the interest of every company to say whatever it takes for you to buy their product and believe their message. You are valuable to them. You are worth money to them. Lots of money!

Expensive, chemically manufactured rubbish is passed off as age defying, wrinkle reducing wonder products. If it really worked, we would all be using them!

Over 100,000 tons of chemicals are produced every year and added to the beauty industry products. Much of it is NOT biodegradable and much of it is toxic to us and our environment. Never mind, if they bang the drum long enough and loud enough, people might believe otherwise and buy a product that could in fact cause more problems than it solves!

60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed through the skin. More people buy commercially produced skincare products now than ever before and yet one sees and hears of more skin problems, spots, reactions and allergies than ever before.

Returning to tried and tested ancient recipes, using natural ingredients, and benefiting from the vitamins and anti oxidants that lie within the raw product in its natural state is the key.

Packaging is NOT important, it’s what is inside the packaging that is really critical. Yet packaging is what sells a product in most cases. Most packaging has moved away from the dodgy PVC plastics and into PET safer plastics and in to glass where at all possible.

This is good news.

When I started making skincare products, I was only one of a few hundred people making natural skincare. In 15 years there has been an explosion of so called Natural Products. Now the big boys are getting worried at a loss to their profit margin and so in conjunction with the EU are making it more difficult for small companies to jump through all the hoops the biggest companies (no names here but you can guess who I mean) are setting up for them. Hundreds if not thousands of small individual Natural Skincare companies will fall by the wayside unable to keep up with all the paperwork and form filling that the EU are demanding from July 13th 2013. Watch this space!

Many people do not know what to avoid in skincare products. If I say to you simply avoid Petro-chemical based products and perfumes and items with the word “Paraben” do you know what I mean or why I say it? I spend ages explaining to people why well known over the counter creams are unable to help them with their problems because they are just petroleum based, cheap as chips, perfume laden toxic, irritating and skin suffocating lotions that cost pence to make and thousands of pounds to advertise to make you buy them.

Using vegetarian, (normally vegan) ingredients and applying modern techniques all combine to make a beautiful top quality and simply packaged product that does what it is supposed to do. Look at companies recycling policies and consider those companies that mass produce in plastic tubes by the millions and how these will end up in “land fill”, endangering our beautiful planet.

I use natural cold pressed Organic Olive Oil from a farm I worked on in Spain. The Olive oil is the best. It is grown high up on a mountain, fed by a mountain stream, and not directly under a flight path!

I use top quality natural mineral rich Sea Salt from France in my products. I pay twice the price for our essential oils because we buy from a source where the oils have been regularly tested to check they are free of pollutants. Good companies should be happy to tell you what is in their products and why, not bamboozal you with modern fancy terms and newly made up words to describe some Frankenstein mix they have concocted.

Life can be simple and products are often better when simple. Using high grade essential oils is so much wiser than using perfumes in a product. It is more expensive but you do get all the advantage of the hormones associated with that plant and all the benefits its offers. Man made chemicals can have side effects and cause skin reactions and much more.

Remember this. There is no “ over there”. What we put in our waterways, rivers, seas etc does not conveniently get lost somewhere else and not bother us again, If we pollute, it comes back to haunt us. The planet is round. What goes around, comes around. We are polluting ourselves and our children in the end.

I for one, do not want that. How about you?



Linda Anousta trained as a nurse (SEN and SRN)and got to be Nursing Sister, a dream she had from 16 years old.
After 15 years nursing  and also working with a Consultant Dermatologist in Harley Street, London, Linda changed course.
First she retrained in Massage and Aromatherapy, and then she went back to college to train as a Beauty therapist and to study  Science for Public Understanding at AS level.
Over the next 12 years, Linda worked in her own business as a beauty therapist and Aromatherapist, whilst also  continuing to train in 12 different areas from Baby massage to making Natural Skincare. Her true  passion now discovered, Natural Skincare products, she consumed books and articles at  a keen pace and gave talks around the south of England. She has spoken at small and large venues and shared stages with a variety of well known people from Janey lee Grace, Dr John Millward and Dr Krishan.
15 years on from the launch of her own  product range, Anousta Products, she advises men and women  on how to resolve their skin and health issues. She provides Luxury skincare for all at affordable prices. She helps mums and dads who have children with anything from Acne to Eczema. She loves helping people move towards  her skin friendly and planet friendly products and seeing how their health and well being improves.
Having experienced a variety of health problems and learned how to deal with them, she is well equipped to give advice having sorted out her own  health issues first!

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