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Posted by on 1 May 2014 | 0 comments

Energy Connections

Have you ever woke up drained? Been in the company of someone and feel your life force draining away? Feel upset for no reason?

We all collect these energy connections – through the various people we meet and even from spirit {both positive and negative} An example; a friend use to wake up feeling like they were shaking, their mind was all over – with no focus and random thoughts scattering through their head. This would happen at different times of the day – their normal placid nature, would sometimes change and they would fly into rages of emotion! {For those that see energy} this can sometimes be seen as a smoky unclean line of energy – this is mainly from the solar plexus area, or even the Sacral, {sexual energy centre} These connections will always take place on the physical lower energy centres.

Who ever is tapping/linking into you – you will pick up how the other end of the connection is feeling. If they have panic attacks – this is how it will make you feel! If their emotions are all over the place – so will yours be!

I explained this to my friend and showed them how to cut the cords of energy. This process is quite simple and is guaranteed to get rid of being affected by others. Imagine that you have a pair of bright crystal scissors – visualise that these scissors are cutting any smoky or dark cords – visualize that when the cords are cut the dark energy retracts to who ever it came from – do not see it return fully to who it is. For you could literally re-connect to their energy – just see it disappear into the distance! This process could need doing several times a day – especially when we wake as we or they could connect in sleep state – Do they connect consciously or subconsciously?

The answer is both !

Which ever part of them that are connecting – they are stealing our positive energy our true natures are over-shadowed like the sun can be over-shadowed by the clouds – although we feel drained and they feel upliftment. This can happen anywhere and we don’t even have to know the person, supermarkets and public houses are notorious for us of lighter energies, people of denser energy will be attracted to us like a moth to a lamp. After cutting the cords – be aware of the vibration of yourself. This is your natural state of vibration.

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Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Steve is a gifted naturally born Spiritual Healer/Dimensional healer who specializes in Absent/Distance Healing. Since the mid 80's he has been channeling amazing healing energy - through his Absent/Remote and personal consultations to clients from all over the world with amazing results. Just read his client reviews/feedback page. Healing can free the client from negative energy bonds, re-connect the client with their souls higher plan and bring about re-balance of health issues. Even releasing negative spirits/entities and psychic attacks and remove attachments including Black magic curses etc.
Steve Johnson

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